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SPES Histents — historical tents for reenactors


SPES Histents is one of the leading manufacturers of historical tents, including mostly medieval tents and medieval sheds. We are not afraid of challenges — you will find here both huge pavilions and smaller knights' tents, perfect for a journey. Our qualities are mainly the experience of many years and individual approach to every order. These are the reasons we gained the trust of historical reenactors from around the world. Our products did their job in multiple medieval camps and historical events, even the biggest and most popular.


Medieval tents and their purpose

Our assortment consists mostly medieval tents. The diversity in this category is enormous. We do our best to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Due to used type of fabric, we divide these on linen tents and cotton tents.

Linen is a fabric characterized by bigger weight (around 600 g/m2) and natural color. It is made of plants which were popular on the terrain of Europe also in the Middle Ages. Linen tents are made in accordance with historical sources. This is the reason we address these products mainly to the most demanding customers.

Cotton in our offer is characterized by white color and a little lower weight (around 350 g/m2). That's why cotton tents make up as a perfect alternative which should satisfy every reenactor. The method of sewing of such historical tent is the same as in the case of linen tents.

Both types of fabric are impregnated against water, fungus, and lichen.


Types of medieval tents

The most simple, but also practical, types of shelter are the sheets of fabric. They are mounted to trees with lines, just like our wanderer sheets. These work our perfectly during the journey. Bigger sheets, mounted on wooden poles, are called the medieval sheds. These, depending on size, will work out as practical and convenient coverture during feasts, events, and as a focal point of medieval camp.

However, the most popular tents in the former iconography and painting are two-pole pavilions, cones or so called “umbrellas”. These types of historical tents are also categorized. We make medieval tents of different shapes, both for one person or bigger and polygonal, for a whole group. Pavilions are available with one or two masts. It is worth to check the early Norman tent or late knights' tents like soldier or mini soldier.


Customized medieval tents

Just like in the case of former clothing, more wealthy courtiers and knights often made a use of a range of modifications for tents in medieval camp. It was aimed to give it a unique look, but often also increase its functionality.

SPES Histents is a manufacturer opened for cooperation. Together we can prepare custom orders and unusual projects. With our customers we have created enormous feast tents of over a dozen meters length, or products of unique shapes.

Naturally, we are opened to exceed the time frame of the Middle Ages. We are able to create a historical tent from any historical period.

From among standard modifications it is worth to mention additional windshields or lining. We can prepare a multi color tent, decorative tapes, or decorative merlon. There is also an option of making a hand-painted medieval tent, based on the individual project. If you have any questions, or an outstanding idea for a tent, contact us — we can help you.