Quilted garments

  • Binding Binding 1.37 €

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    Made of leather, used to attach the armour. It has two eyelets with a 50cm strap pulled through. The edge has small holes to sew it on the arming garment.                                                                                                         Available colours:
    - black
    - natural

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  • Roman subarmalis Roman subarmalis 48.00 €

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    Arming garment worn under the armour, used by Roman legionnaires. Its main objective is amortisation of the blows. Subarmalis covers the torso and reaches down to the hips. It has no sleeves. For surcharge we can add decorative leather finishing on arms and waist.

    In standard outer layer and lining are made of cotton, but for surcharge it can be made of linen. Filling consists of two layers of batting. Quilted in rhombuses.

    Available sizes:

    S/M: chest girth 85-110 cm; waist girth 75-95 cm

    L/XL: chest girth 110-130 cm; waist girth 95-125 cm

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  • Simple gambeson Simple gambeson 79.00 €

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    Basic gambeson's shape refers to late medieval examples. With straight vertical seams, fastened in front with leather straps. It has a collar for neck protection and long sleeves.

    Fabric: cotton or linen

    Layers: cotton / linen - 2x batting – cotton / linen (sleeves: 1x batting)



    Waist girth (cm)

    Chest girth (cm)


    75 - 85

    85 - 100


    85 - 95

    95 - 115


    95 - 110

    100 - 120


    110 - 130

    110 - 130



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