Custom pavilion with two poles (4x8m)

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A big tent with two mast pavilion 8x4 m, with decorative tapes on the seems, linen lining in blue and cones at the top of the masts.

On the top of the poles you can place a flag. You can split the interior of the tent by curtains (curtains for a surcharge). Construction strengthened with guy ropes. 

The set includes:
- five-part tent cotton sheet (roof, 2 side-walls, 2 entrance)
- 2 two-part masts of 350cm height
- 2 wooden balls that are placed on the top of the masts
- 2 small wooden poles to place flags on them 56 pegs + 2 spares
- 2 bags for pegs
- bag for the tent
- a set of metal elements that join the parts of masts
- 52 wooden pegs for fastening the walls as well as mounting the guy ropes
- 2 anti-hurricanes ropes of 15m length
- 26 longer guy ropes of 4m length each
- 26 shorter guy ropes of 1,5m length each (fastened to the longer guy ropes)

Additional informations

Dimensions: 4x8m. 

Weight: 80kg.

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