Norman tent (linen)

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The construction of the tent is based on 2 vertical masts and one horizontal pole (for easier transport every pole is made from 2 parts binded with pegs and a rope).

There are no guy ropes needed to mount the tent, the construction holds up on the pins, what makes it easy to mount when there's not much place available.

The front part may be raised up and used as a shed. This tent can also be used as a small stall.

 In our standard we use linen (about 650g/m2) with waterproof impregnatation.


Available modifications
Coloured tapes


The set consists of:
- tent sheet
- 2 x 2-part mast of 235 cm
- 2-part horizontal strenghtening pole of 325 cm
- set of pegs + 2 spare ones
- a bag for pegs
- a bag for the tent
- 21 metres of rope serving as the strenghthening of the masts.

Additional informations

Size: 6x4 m , height: 235 cm.

Weight: 60kg.

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