Pavilion with one pole (diameter 4m) - linen

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Pavillion with one mast - construction based on guy ropes (what makes it easier to transport comparing to umbrella-type tents). Walls are detachable.

In our standard we use linen (about 650g/m2) with waterproof impregnatation. 


Available modifications:

Coloured tapes - Coloured decorative tapes along the seams. Made of 3cm wide cotton tape.

Windshield - Additional 20 cm wide stripe of fabric attached to the bottom edge of the tent sheet to protect against wind and damp.

Lining - Additional layer of fabric inside the tent covering the walls. Might be produced in various colours*.

Decorative merlon - Decorative merlon, different than standard one (type 1). Three options available: tooth type (t. 2), crenels type (t. 3), waves type (t. 4).

Hand painted tent - Painted tent according to customer's suggestions.


The set consists of:
- the fabric (in two parts - roof + walls)
- a mast of 350cm height (in two parts)
- wooden ball for the top of the mast
- small wooden pole to place a flag on it
- set of pegs + 2 spares
- set of metal parts to join the two parts of the mast
- set of wooden pegs for fastening the walls as well as mounting the guy ropes
- 3 anti-hurricanes ropes of 7.5 m length each
- set of longer guy ropes of 4m length each (fastened to the tent roof)
- set of shorter guy ropes of 1,5m length each (fastened to the tent roof).

* standard lining is machine sewn. Hand sewn is individually priced.

Additional informations

Weight: 80kg.

Dimensions: diameter of the tent: 4,3m height: 3.5m. 

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