Shed (linen)

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Rectangular sheet of fabric (6x4,5m) with trimmed edges, with 10 points where you can fix ropes. The set contains also 40m of rope and 12 pegs.

The shed can be used as a simple shelter protecting from sun and rain (roof) it is an integral element of a medieval camp.There are no poles in the set.

In our standard we use linen (about 650g/m2) with waterproof impregnation.


Available modifications
Coloured tapes
Merlon Standard


The set consists of:
- the fabric
- 40 m of linen rope
- 10 pegs + 2 spare
- sack for pins
- sack for the tent.

Additional informations

Dimensions: 6 x 4,5m.

Weight: 40kg.

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