Small cone - linen

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A cone, diameter approx. 3 meters with a wooden folded (two parts) mast of 2,6 metres heigh with a set of steel pegs.

 In our standard we use linen (about 650g/m2) with waterproof impregnatation.


Available modifications:

Windshield - Additional 20 cm wide stripe of fabric attached to the bottom edge of the tent sheet to protect against wind and damp.

Coloured tapes - Coloured decorative tapes along the seams. Made of 3cm wide cotton tape.

Hand painted tent - Painted tent according to customer's suggestions.


The set consists of:
- wooden cone
- the fabric
- mast (consists of 2 parts)
- 7 m of linen rope (to harden the mast bindings)
- 15 pegs + 2 spare ( impregnated linen 11 pegs + 2 spare)
- sack for pins
- sack for the tent

Additional informations

Dimensions: diameter: ca 3m; height: 2,6m.

Weight: 30kg

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